Behold Coffee!


Deals for Distributors, Dealers & Resellers

We welcome distributors of coffee and cosmetics to tie-up with us for the following products. We want you to succeed and enjoy doing business with us so we look for every way to make the process frictionless. Product list and Profit Margin detail is given below.

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Here’s what we can offer you

  • FREE marketing material – that’s right, we will provide you Posters, Pamphlets, Flyers every time you re-order, and this will BOOOST your business in a big way!
  • Special Pricing for Resellers / Distributors with heavy discounting – We offer profit margin from 30% to 80%+, this is depending on your investment and volume commitments and clearance offers
  • You can have Sub-reseller in your area, so you can focus on Volume. If you cross our volume threshold we will give you further special discounts!
  • Billing flexibility – It is really simple. We will give you a discounted price, and you can mark up (upto 50% of MRP) and resell. YOU have flexibility to sell at ANY price (or at MRP for max profitability)
  • 24×7 Support on phone calls with Account Managers for Business Development and Marketing guidance. If required, we can be introduced to your customer as part of your team, and help explain the products to your customer.
  • Strategize with Brand Owners. We are available to give detailed guidance and support about mark-up/pricing/sales options, or brain storm with you for specific accounts
  • Sample Kit easily available. Call us and book a sample – you only need to pay courier charges
  • Gift packs easily available. Before any festival just talk to us and book your Gift packs to enjoy a super bumper discount and high sales during the festival season

F&B Coffee segment

ProductPackage size rangeMRP range
Green Coffee (Beans)1kg – 25kg (bulk)₹1200+ (custom)
Green Coffee (Powder)150gm – 500gm₹75 – ₹1,200
Roasted Coffee (Beans, for Restaurant/Cafe)1kg – 25kg (bulk)₹1600+ (custom)
Roasted Coffee (Ground Coffee)250gm₹400
Filter Coffee (80% Coffee, 20% Chicory)250gm – 1kg₹1200/kg
Filter Coffee (60% Coffee, 40% Chicory)250gm – 1kg₹1000/kg
Instant Coffee (Jar)75gm crystal jar₹450
Instant Coffee (Refill)75gm bag₹400

Coffee Cosmetics segment

ProductPackage size rangeMRP range
Face Wash Gel (gel base)100ml₹320
Shower Gel / Body wash (gel base)250ml₹350
Moisturising Gel – Face + Body50gm₹180
Hair Energising Cream100gm₹440
Coffee Soap with Scrub150gm₹220

We have the following range, pricing will be updated shortly.

  • Coffee for Hair – shampoo, conditioner, anti-hairfall, anti-grey
  • Coffee for Body – wash, scrub, lotion, moisturiser
  • Coffee for Face – wash, serum, mask, cream, toner
  • Coffee Toothpaste
  • Coffee Soap


Samples are provided on payment basis, Rs 1000 flat rate. We will ship a sample gift box that contains one of each product that you can use and consume.

Margins for Dealers and Distributors

Distributor Margin and Super Stockist margin is given at this link. Prices below are for DIRECT retail dealers only, if you are working through a distributor / SS you need to adhere to the norms.

Dealer Margin starting 30% that goes up to 40% in normal orders, but upto 70% if during a Clearance Sale. 20% starter is not normal slab it is a discounted slab for you to get started with.

Investment Range (approx)Retail Margin (approx)
₹25,000 (low-risk starter plan)20% of MRP
₹1,00,00030% of MRP
₹1,00,000 – 4,99,99935% of MRP
₹5,00,000+40% of MRP

Non-refundable Security Fees (in addition to above noted amount) – INR 25,000/- only.

NO other costs.

We will provide you with our Posters, Banners, Flyers/Pamphlets for FREE to distribute in your area and help boost your business. Plus in addition, a FREE WELCOME KIT of ALL our products are provided to you when you come into the Behold.Coffee family for the first time 😄

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We will provide you an Online Tracking system where you can login and check your slab, plus any special offers on any products. From time to time we have BATCH CLEARANCE sales (note: clearance products will all have minimum 30 month shelf life, so it is not old product). During clearance, discount can be upto 20-25% on MRP so in total it can add up to 70% of MRP on SELECT products only, with some terms which will be explained during the clearance.

In case of any doubts please reach out to us on 7045451000 or 9820760253

Specials for our Dealers and Distributors

All Dealers and Distributors who have reached a specific target range will be eligible for special consideration and awards. Read more here.